For those who have served our country, who have put their lives on the line, so that we may enjoy are freedom, WE THANK YOU!

For many of our Veterans, they are still in the fight. The fight to stay warm! or enjoy a nutritious meal. 40% of all suicides in the United States are Veterans, most of these veterans are living at or below the US Poverty Level.

Depression and PTSD are major precursors to suicide. For other Veterans, many are living on the street and some in their cars.
Basics like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and diapers are among the items needy veterans ask for.

For others it is food, blankets, or utility assistance.

That is where you come in!

ASW’s Adopt – A – Vet program will fill this ne,ed.

As a sponsor you will be able to write and receive letters to and from
these deserving Men and Women, along with pictures when available.
You have the option of adopting a Veteran for a month or on a continued basis.

Here is where we come in. ASW will ship much needed supplies to your adopted veteran, based upon their needs! This is HANDS ON! ASW has partnered with a third party accountant, to ensure that your gifts are transparent, and not one dime of your pledge goes to administration or profit. Please Be a Part of the Solution and choose from an amount below to get started today by sending a gift from the options below.