Triple Spark Stun Gun/Flashlight Combo

Triple Spark Stun Gun/Flashlight Combo


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The Monster Triple Spark to the untrained eye is a very useful tactical flashlight, made completely of lightweight but durable aluminum. Measures 7.25″ long. Simply flip the on/off switch to the first position to illuminate the brilliant white LED flashlight.

As they say on TV “But Wait-There’s More!”. This unit also contains a powerful 16 million volt stun gun function as well, to deter even the most determined attacker. Pushing the on/off switch to the second position arms the stun function which is then activated by depressing the button above the on/off switch. The unbelievably loud crackle of the electrical discharge will discourage the vast majority of potential attackers, but those foolish enough to press on will soon be disabled by the application of the end of the unit and a jolt from the stun gun.

An additional on/off switch for extra safety is located in the butt end of the unit along with the receptacle for the included charging cord. Just plug into any ordinary wall s


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